Space Clearing in Devon - detecting positive imprints

I was Space Clearing a home in Devon last week.

Baby Naming ceremony

It was an honour to hold a baby naming ceremony this summer for one of my previous Space Clearing clients.

Angelic Reiki Practitioner training in Bristol

We had a great weekend at my flat with 6 participants becoming Angelic Reiki practitioners.

Feng Shui Bristol, Glastonbury, Oxford, Reading, Wales, Berkshire, and a narrowboat in Wiltshire

After the winter Solstice celebrations with friends and an early Christmas gathering with family, it’s now good to have some quiet time at the end of the year to rest, reflect with gratitude for al

Feng Shui & Space Clearing consultant, geomancer & shamanic healing practitioner moves to Bristol

At the start of September I moved to Bristol. It feels like a good location for me at this time. Its a ‘happening’ place, with the friendly south west vibe, close to beautiful countryside.

Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Healing

Recent Home Healer activities include a

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  • Healing sessions in Somerset

    July has been been mainly focused on healing sessions. It is my privilege and pleasure to walk people through the healing journeys that are arising for them at this time.

    Space Clearing in Dorset, Devon and Berkshire

    My most recent Space Clearing consultations have each been for larger properties and a house where there was more sticky history than usual to deal with.

    Feng Shui & Space Clearing testimonial for a large home in Devon

    Here is the latest testimonial for my Home Feng Shui and Space Clearing services:

    Space Clearing and healing in the UK

    Spring is a wonderful time to Space Clear your home, clear away negative energy of the past and fill your home with love, light, positive intentions and clarity...

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