Happy Year of the Wood Horse

The year of the Wood horse is said to be a fortunate one in general. In typical horse style, it's a good time to be spontaneous, act fast, launch a new project, be outgoing, travel and party!

Happy New Year

This must be the healthiest, most focused start to the year that I have ever had. After the winter solstice I spent 10 days in silent meditation, ending with a sweat lodge on New Years Day.

Shamanic Healing

Here is a photo of my new healing drum. I would like to thank Suzi Crockford of Dartmoor Drums for making such a beautiful drum and I have loved painting the front!

Angelic Reiki Practitioner & Master/Teacher training

Here's a reminder about my upcoming Angelic Reiki Courses. Its a wonderful healing technique that anyone can learn, and you can use it on yourself, other people and animals.

Shamanic Chocolate Laughter Ceremony

Its the start of something new and it could catch on! Perhaps this is the pinnacle of my career! ...'Shamanic Chocolate Laughter Ceremonies'!

UK Shamanic Conference

if you are interested in shamanism, then I highly recommend the Shamanic Conference. This was my first, and won't be my last.

Space Clearing

Here's a couple of recent reports of my Space Clearing Ceremonies.

De-possession / Spirit Release story

Here's a testimonial from a recent entity release healing. We discovered that my client had two 'suffering beings' with him.

"Space Clearing sold my house the very next day!" testimonial

Here is the testimonial to back up my story about the house selling the day after I carried out my Space Clearing Ceremony!

Ms DLG, Okehampton, Devon

My Feng Shui article in Exeter Daily

Here's  a link to an article I wrote recently called 'What is Feng Shui really all about?'

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