Feng Shui Testimonials

Read what Fire Horse Feng Shui clients say about Sue’s work. Testimonials are listed by date. Also, click the service type above a testimonial to see all others of that same type.

Dr M.B.

Retired Dental Surgeon, Hampshire -

I was disoriented as a result of prolonged immobilisation due to an achilles tendon injury, and after 10 weeks, I was still in pain and unstable.

Katie Lewis

Student Nurse, Exeter -

I had felt very closed up and blocked sexually for several years and had started a new relationship and was worried about opening up on an intimate level with him.

Client (wishes to remain anonymous)

Professional , London -

My experience with Sue has been a truly amazing one.  It involved a lot more than I thought as it was so thoroughly done.  Sue was very professional, k


Healing Bodywork Practitioner and Life Coach, North Devon -

The space clearing of my home was a wonderful experience on many levels. Sue works with integrity, respect and great care not only for your home but also all those who live there.

A Bridgeman

Writer, Totnes -

Wow, What can I say!